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The beauty of a pair of trousers lies in the "tailoring".

Each Nine garment springs from the dialogue between the past, time that enriches man with a precious know-how, and the future, time that by definition invites us to a very pleasant knowing how to look beyond.

Personality, comfort, wearability, softness, geometry, character, unexpected fabrics, interpreted fabrics. Let's imagine the fabric in the hand of a tailor who challenges everything: near future and distant future.

Large leg pants Made in Italy

209,02 €

Wrap over skirt with side pocket Made in Italy

170,49 €

Jeans large leg coulotte Made in Italy

154,10 €

Ribbed trousers in black

137,70 €

Trousers with pinces Available in grey and blue

186,89 €

Regular crop chino for woman Available in grey and blue

211,48 €

Slim chino pants for woman Available in black,grey and chocolate

236,07 €

Trousers in cotton Available in grey

162,30 €
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