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Harris Wharf London is a brand that reworks the classic and elegant style. Located in London but with Made in Italy production (Turin), it has been contaminated by the British air as regards the sophisticated and dynamic coats and jackets, which vary from calm tones to bolder and bright colors. A feature present in all outerwear are the raw edges to give a more contemporary touch to the traditional garment.

Harris Wharf London is a family business run by two brothers: Aldo Acchiardi, who controls production and distribution, and Giulia Acchiardi, the designer. Using his grandfather's glove factory in Turin, the entire collection is made in Italy, from the research of the fabrics to the finished garment.

Dress in virgin wool Available in black

195,41 € 244,26 € -20%

Blazer in viscose Available in black.

215,08 € 268,85 € -20%

Bottom up body coat pressed virgin wool Available in camel, black, blue and grey.

274,10 € 342,62 € -20%

Coat in virgin wool Available in black and blue.

260,98 € 326,23 € -20%

Trousers for woman Available in black and blue

162,62 € 203,28 € -20%
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