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Bruno Parise Italia represents a new way of conceiving the bag: combining the Venetian manufacturing tradition with an innovative style never seen before. In fact, Bruno Parise Italia uses a pedal loom from the early 18th century, originally used to make wonderful Venetian tapestries: it has been modified in such a way as to weave thin strips of leather with an unmistakable technique, allowing to create a very soft fabric that Bruno Parise Italia models to create innovative and timeless models.
The Bruno Parise Italia models feature revisited classic shapes, with intelligently constructed volumes, and are worked in an impeccable way in order to bring out the most of the loom-created leather fabric that represents the fundamental characteristic of the brand. The ongoing collection is combined from season to season with a concise selection of new models that enrich and define the style of the brand, consecrating its international success.

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