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BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Women's Clothing: fashion brand of luxury "Made in Italy" appreciated throughout the world where the ethical capitalism philosophy is exported, keeping the center of his company its employees who are human beings before being workers with the needs offering ideal working conditions. Brand born from the intuition of Brunello Cucinelli cashmere to revisit in a modern contemporary style, keeping the classical tradition, and became famous for colorful sweaters and cardigans. Discover all heads of Brunello Cucinelli Casual fitting luxurious elegance, quality fabrics and materials such as down jackets, sweaters, shawls, sweaters, cardigans, coats, blouses, pants, t-shirts and polo shirts.

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V-neck cashmere cardigan

1 573,77 €

Cashmere sweater Made in Italy

1 352,46 €

Nickel-free pyrite bracelet

434,43 €

Necklace in pyrite Nickel-free

1 147,54 €

Embossed leather and virgin wool knit boots

803,28 €

Runners in suede, lamé nappa and nylon Made in Italy

795,08 €

Lamé suede down jacketMade in Italy

6 352,46 €

Loose trousers in cotton corduroy with belt Made in Italy

868,85 €

Baggy trousers in denim Made in Italy

639,34 €

Slim fit five-pocket trousers in comfort denim Made in Italy

532,79 €

Cashmere sweatshirt-style cardigan with cabinet

1 352,46 €

Cashmere knitted trousers with monili Made in Italy

1 311,48 €

Shearling jacket Made in Italy

5 516,39 €

Cashmere and silk knitted skullcap Made in Italy

385,25 €

Straight Leg trousers in comfort denim Made in Italy

672,13 €

Sparkling knit runners and lamé leather with monili Made in Italy

762,30 €

Cardigan in camel with zip

2 924,59 €

High neck pullover

2 282,79 €

Coat in mohair Unique piece

2 811,48 €

Ribbed cashmere knit outerwear and detachable vest down jacket Made in Italy

4 159,84 €

Silk trousers with waist belt

1 188,52 €

Leather Trousers with drawstring closureMade in Italy

2 391,80 €

Rubber and pull-up leather boots with Precious spur

598,36 €

Suede and sparkling rip-stop runners with Precious toe

721,31 €

Ribbed pants in cotton Available in beige

842,62 €

Cigarette wool trousers Made in Italy

760,66 €

Baggy Bermuda pants in woolMade in Italy

760,66 €

Long cardigan in Moair with waist belt and pockets Available in grey and honey

3 004,10 €

Cardigan with zip closure in wool and cashmere Available in white and grey

1 340,16 €

Cardigan with buttons in Cashmere and silk

2 290,98 €

Pants for woman with waist belt Available in grey

768,85 €

Pullover with high neck in Cashmere Available in white

2 211,48 €

Reversible iberic mutton coat with remouvable waist belt and pockets Unique piece

6 916,39 €
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