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Rakkì is a new entrepreneurial world of fashion industry and Italian craftsmanship.
In the dressmaker’s workroom they take care of creating collections drawing their inspiration and creative strength from the growing of retro as an index of quality, luxury and design, following designers and craftsmen at all stages of carrying out.

For the first knitwear collection they were inspired by the style and elegance of two relevant 50’s and 60’s icons: Jean Seberg, a woman of irresistible charm, a symbol of the “nouvelle vague” and Parisian allure,with her simple and refined look embodies a timeless beauty. Steve Mcqueen , a very charming man that look for practicality and guessed comfort, he made immortal their own style. They have chosen the noblest and finest prestigious Italian spinning mills cashmere. Every item is entirely made in Italy with the passion and experience of craftsmen masters by increasing the value of each creation with a 7 yarn textile processing.

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