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No ideas for Christmas for him? 4 classics where quality make the difference...

Why we should spend a lot of time to find any original gifts when we already have everything just around the corner? If you want to find the perfect gift for him we should stop thinking like a woman and start to think like a man: few things but high quality. 
Here it is four traditional gifts where the quality could make the difference.

SHIRT. From the elegant style to the casual, shirt remain one of the best choice. How catch the perfect model? If you don't go wrong plain colour as white or light blue , or if you are close to him and you know that he is more casual you could chose striped shirt or checked.
 Barba is the company that represents better italian experience in fabric's world.


TIE. The accessory that gives him personality. How can I be sure? Usually men wear always the same. Women have different mood of selection from men: matching or diversifying. Men select by instict. So buy the same tie he already has! RODA released tie from the formal rules and introduced originality.

BELT. The second accessory most important for men. Which one choose? the range of models is very wide: from the black leather to the braided, to the elastic one. Give him one which could match with the colour and the fabric of his shoes. Our quality advice is to choose Orciani, the best leather accessories company in Italy


SOCKS.Which colour I choose? In that event, is not so much important the colour as the quality. We all have the favourite sock in the drawer, the one that we would wear everyday because are so comfortable. Among the accessory that you could give, socks are the cheapest but with a very strong usefulness. Gallo produces in Italy socks for men and women which are synonymous of personality and elegance. 



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