Fashion stories / giovedì, aprile 6, 2017


Woman's dresses, colors, prints and shoes for women. Discover the new L'Autre Chose spring-summer 2017 collection

L'Autre Chose is a brand that has its origin fifty years ago by the work of a small footwear family company from Marche. The classic and refined design and the quality of leathers characterize the fashion house from the beginning. They spend 20 years and the small company has grown and diversified, has become "the autre chose" literally a different thing, that sums up the concept of a clear difference, a different approach to the world of footwear and the ability to combine a 'French allure with a touch of Made in Italy.

In 2005 the company proposed the first collection of Michela Casadei, a new member  that provides and enhances the lines of design elements and refined sensuality.

Feminine, innovative and contemporary styling, are the brand's keys that has become internationally. Another element of the brand is the color that declines in nuance, different shades and prints that cover clothing, accessories and footwear, symbol of a sophisticated and enterprising woman.



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