Root / mercoledì, novembre 4, 2020


The brand founded in 2014 by Angelo Loffredo and Marco Locatelli, offers a wardrobe with everything you need for those who travel frequently from one continent to another for work, with jackets and separable garments that adapt to various temperatures.

The name of the brand is a clear tribute to one of the symbolic places of Tokyo, the Shibuya intersection, the most crowded and famous in the world, crossed every day by thousands of people who move neatly in all directions when the traffic lights go off. The brand logo is also a quote: the ideogram of the word "people", like that melting pot of humanity and nationality that populates Shibuya.

Angelo Loffredo and Marco Locatelli are great admirers of Japan. They love the culture of the Rising Sun and love their technological fabrics capable of achieving very high performances. And not surprisingly, the brand's outerwear uses fabrics such as the thermal and waterproof tri-blend, which allows the creation of special garments such as the 3 in 1 jacket or the parka with the detachable inner down jacket.

And to close the circle on the brand's elective Japanese nature, the brand's symbolic garment is called Hachiko after the famous dog who did not resign himself to the death of his master and every day, for nine years, he went in front of the Shibuya station, to wait for the his beloved master, Professor Hidesaburo Ueno, to whom he was very attached. And whose statue towers right there in front.


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