Brunello Cucinelli Collection: Women's Clothing

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Clothing for Women: "Made in Italy" luxury fashion brand born from the intuition of Brunello Cucinelli, appreciated all over the world where the philosophy of ethical capitalism is exported. Discover all the Brunello Cucinelli garments with a comfortable cut, luxurious elegance, fine fabrics and materials: such as down jackets, sweatshirts, stoles, sweaters, cardigans, coats, blouses, trousers, t-shirts and polo shirts.

Brunello Cucinelli Clothing Collection on Caneppele

Brunello Cucinelli sales on all collections from 30% to 50%, take advantage of this discount period to put refined garments of the highest quality in your wardrobe, Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian high fashion brand that offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for women. Look at the shoes always embellished with the jewel or the pants with the perfect cut, discover the sweaters with the soft volumes and the yarns always of the highest quality. To speak of Brunello Cucinelli is to speak of beauty, of manners, ideas and things. In Brunello Cucinelli's garments beauty is, not only an external beauty but it is a form of superior quality that is perceived in every detail. Simplicity understood as a synthesis of many values is entrusted to the skilled hands of artisans who with the wise use bring up the value of the most exclusive made in Italy. On Caneppele, you will find the complete collection of Brunello Cucinelli's women's line.

Discover 100% Made in Italy style

The Brunello Cucinelli collection is characterized by an understated and refined style, 100% made in Italy. The brand stands out for its attention to detail and the use of fine fabrics such as pure cashmere or cashmere and silk or Solomeo yarn for the winter season, linen, noble cottons and hemp for the warmer seasons. The women's collection offers a wide range of garments, from shirts to pants, skirts to jackets, all made from the highest quality fabrics.