Roberto Collina Collection: Women's and Men's

Roberto Collina was born as a family business, in 1953, in Crevalcore.The research and attention to the creation of garments along the entire production chain, from the choice of materials, to the development of the collections and the use of advanced technologies to support of craftsmanship are the ingredients that make the Roberto Collina brand one of the most recognizable and exclusive brands in the Made in Italy world.

Contemporaneity and tradition.

From the very beginning Roberto Collina has focused on innovation and created a young company sensitive to all issues related to the production of knitwear made in Italy using innovative materials and complex processing. The look at tradition allows him to create simple garments of high essential elegance.

Men's Collection

The men's collection, the firstborn of Roberto Collina's production, is presented with sweaters, cardigans and jackets always worked with refined yarns and original designs. Winter yarns start from combed merino wools, cottons worked with a cloud effect and soft and colorful mohair, warm alpaca.The style is multifaceted, starting from a clean look to more elaborate garments for a more demanding and colorful man. Follow the evolution of the seasons on Caneppele and choose a garment of authentic quality.

100% Made in Italy

The Women's collection presents a total look that embraces different styles and every need, sporty and everyday garments that are never mundane and more elegant and sophisticated clothing. The creation and realization of the women's collection is in the hands of the women of the company true production core. A specially created school helps train and maintain skilled craftsmanship skills that are increasingly rare and precious. Composed femininity and joy weave the creations of Roberto Collina easy to choose on Caneppele the garment most suitable for you.