Blundstone: Men's and Women's Collections

Blundstone is a name that speaks of boots and shoes born in Tasmania in the last century. Tasmania land that speaks of nature, territory and freedom, and with this spirit Blundstone boots beautiful and practical were designed. Built with a careful policy of caring for the land, waste and recycling, Blundstone boots allow you to face weather situations with safety, warmth and also with an aesthetic that is always beautiful and current. Our choice favors classic leathers in basic colors, shoes that coexist well with our city life and our desire to live outdoors. Look and choose in the Caneppele style.

Blundstone Men's Collection 

For men, Blundstone offers a wide range of shoes, ideal for tackling any weather. Durable soles, comfort fits make Blundstone the ideal shoe for tackling everyday streets. Blunstone ankle boots , perfect with a pair of Jeans or a more formal pants have become a reference for warm and comfortable winter footwear.

Blundstone Women's Collection

Dynamic and independent women who share Blundstone's ethical values, respect for the environment and sensitivity to the reuse of materials are the ideal customers for this house that has always worked with this in mind. Shoes that give confidence and comfort, suitable for daily runs and slaloms, on a pant, paired with a Blundstone jersey makes you feel always current.