Date Shoes Collection: New Arrivals

D.A.T.E. is the simple acronym for the names of the four young founders of the Project. Thanks to their decidedly artisanal flavor, the first shoes immediately won over the public and have never stopped since. The collections have expanded so much that D.A.T.E. has become an International Brand. Discover on Caneppele our entire online collection.

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DATE is a convenient and comfortable footwear brand. Our DATE men's and DATE women's shoes are perfect for those looking for a casual yet versatile look; in fact, they are suitable for any occasion, from the workday, to a walk around town, to drinks with friends.

Fuga, Hill, Sfera... Choose the model you like best

DATE shoes are available in a wide range of models, from the classic Hill to the more original Fuga. Our models are made from high-quality materials, such as leather and canvas, to ensure maximum durability and comfort. Easily matched, DATE shoes go with stylish pants, jeans, and in the women's version even with dresses and skirts.