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    The brand Aragona cashmere uses only prestigious and exclusive materials for the production of its items.

    The management of the production, allows us to combine the luxury of cashmere with a daily basis USE, entirely Made in Italy.


    Barba Napoli is a lifestyle inspired by the old Neapolitan sartorial art: synonymous of excellence, attention and elegance.
    The cornerstone of the company is the man shirt, which represent for Barba a passion.

    Founded in 1988, the company now is leaded by Lello, Mario and Giorgia. The passion, the research, the huge experience in the world of fashion created and transmitted to the audience their shirt's culture, and contributed to a high brand evaluation all over the world.


    The history of Barbour started in 1984, in the South Shields. Now the company is leaded by the fifth generation of the family and even if they produce 100,00 ackets every year, the classic Barbour is still handmade in the headquarters of the brand. Barbour counts now 11 flagship store in England and the presence in more than 40 nations all over the world. More than 2000 products extend the offer of the brand, overcoming the countrywear origin and becoming a real lifestyle, including trousers, shirts, knitwear and accessories.


  • BLUI


    BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Women's Clothing: fashion brand of luxury "Made in Italy" appreciated throughout the world where the ethical capitalism philosophy is exported, keeping the center of his company its employees who are human beings before being workers with the needs offering ideal working conditions. Brand born from the intuition of Brunello Cucinelli cashmere to revisit in a modern contemporary style, keeping the classical tradition, and became famous for colorful sweaters and cardigans. Discover all heads of Brunello Cucinelli Casual fitting luxurious elegance, quality fabrics and materials such as down jackets, sweaters, shawls, sweaters, cardigans, coats, blouses, pants, t-shirts and polo shirts.


    BYREDO was founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham. Ben began to be intrigued by scent and memory after travelling to his mother's hometown in India, where he was stirred by the aromas of spices and incense. Inspired by this trip, BYREDO's scented candles and perfumes have been developed with an understated approach, using simple composition of the highest quality raw materials.


    Camplin Jackets and peacot Man: Men's sports jackets sophisticated but elegant at the same time. Camplin revisited one of the most famous leaders used by the officers of the Royal Navy: the peacot. Men's jackets from the elegant nature and utility lines suitable for any formal and casual occasion in his spare time.



    Care Label Jeans Men Women: Italian brand whose main purpose resides in the same brand name: extreme attention made garments. The brand presents collections in selvedge denim jeans taking in time the shape of the wearer. Jeans with smooth lines, elegant colors and fine workmanship.


    Dansko Clogs Men Women: Danish brand specialized in producing sandals and clogs suitable for all ages and all seasons, fit perfectly thanks to the support foot and cambratura the sole, giving maximum freedom to the foot and stability thanks to reinforced heels. Ideal to wear all day, maybe even at work.



    Gallo Socks Man Woman: designed and produced in Italy have always been synonymous with elegance and eccentric personalities. Socks from the original patterns and researched, monochrome and multicolor to create the total look ironic and eclectic but always refined, real own leaders to collect.

  • GUM

    GUM Gianni Chiarini Women's Bags: bags made from innovative materials and following modern and contemporary styles and trends. Lines of handbags, shopping bags, clutch and shoulder bags made entirely of rubber minimal style and essential details and embellished with metal studs. Bags with a unique style with iconic prints and laminates synonymous with research, innovation, design and high quality.



    Herno Jackets Winter Coats Men and Women: jackets, coats, down jackets and giache to deal with the winter season style, and the coldest days and rigid. Herno produces garments with attention to detail, innovative technical materials and fabrics, but with an elegant cut and luxury, jackets and down jackets that are the must-have in your winter wardrobe.

  • IM


    Lardini Jackets Men: Italian absolute symbol mark of sartorial tradition "made in Italy" and love and care for the quality of the finishing, which make the jackets Lardini of real works of art. Jackets signed Lardini with the iconic flower propose a classic but elegant, contemporary and modern for a male decided.



    Majestic T-Shirts Top Women: large collection casualwear Create enticing with rich fabrics and colors according to the season's trends. Heads for your most imaginative outfits, from relaxed fit with top quality materials, very pleasant to the touch.


    MONCLER Jackets Winter Man Woman: jackets and Heads of luxury clothing classical style and exclusive, modern design ideal for addressing the severe winter days. winter and warm duvet jackets, padded, comfortable and versatile, made with the highest quality standards and processing methods inherited from traditional Italian craftsmanship.



    PESERICO Clothing: brand Italian real symbol of "Made in Italy" elegant and refined of all ages for a classy woman looking for an outfit suited for every situation: while shopping, in the evening or on social occasions. Pants and t-shirts from quality tailoring with careful selection of materials and fabrics.

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