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    The origins of the brand were inspired by the discovery of a baller filled with wool bags belonging to the grandmother of the stylist Giuliana Guiso, Anita Bilardi. Giuliana uses creative lines of passion, love and instinctive pencil lines that create the handbags that take shape and are 100% made in Italy.


    The gossip company of Castelfiorentino (Florence) today producing the Antonelli Firenze brand was founded in 1950.

    In 2001 the company inaugurated the first collection of couture-shirts, which immediately achieved great success.

    From there the collection grows up to the current total look


    The brand Aragona cashmere uses only prestigious and exclusive materials for the production of its items.

    The management of the production, allows us to combine the luxury of cashmere with a daily basis USE, entirely Made in Italy.


    The brand of sneakers Autry was born in 1982 in Dallas. The famous shoe with the American flag has received many awards over the years, thanks to the innovations and design that have distinguished its creations. 2019 was the year of the international relaunch of the brand, whose collections are characterized by strong vintage inspiration.


    In 1980 the company established itself in the production of trousers for the main Italian distribution chains.

    Subsequently the company expanded with the American market and there was a great expansion both in terms of turnover and employment.

    In 2012, thanks to the collaboration with technical professionals, the company specializes in the production of a Made in Italy garment that meets ever higher quality standards and, at the same time, chooses to operate in the market with its own brand Bagnoli Sartoria Napoli.


    Barba Napoli is a lifestyle inspired by the old Neapolitan sartorial art: synonymous of excellence, attention and elegance.
    The cornerstone of the company is the man shirt, which represent for Barba a passion.

    Founded in 1988, the company now is leaded by Lello, Mario and Giorgia. The passion, the research, the huge experience in the world of fashion created and transmitted to the audience their shirt's culture, and contributed to a high brand evaluation all over the world.


    The history of Barbour started in 1984, in the South Shields. Now the company is leaded by the fifth generation of the family and even if they produce 100,00 ackets every year, the classic Barbour is still handmade in the headquarters of the brand. Barbour counts now 11 flagship store in England and the presence in more than 40 nations all over the world. More than 2000 products extend the offer of the brand, overcoming the countrywear origin and becoming a real lifestyle, including trousers, shirts, knitwear and accessories.


    Behind the brand there is a story, passion, craftsmanship’s values, talent and professionalism which people usually call Made in Italy.A unique and recognizable brand that becomes a real must have in the modern man’s wardrobe.The quality of the products is guaranteed by the collaboration with strictly Italian craft business operating in Veneto region.The attention to detail and the processes used ensures increasingly sophisticated, stylish clothing that can be sold in refined tailoring boutiques.


    Since 1997  at Bastille they have been presenting their interpretation of current fashion,
    interesting and inspiring. their interest in design is not distorted by price,
    geography, politics or marketing. However they like that fashion is affected by
    all these factors. They see fashion as an ever-evolving art and they hope that
    will continue to evolve with the fashion that surrounds us.


    A family passion, a generational art transmitted with professionalism and passion.

    For women who love to play with fashion, modern women attentive to the quality of the yarn and attention to detail, which are reflected in the style in balance between tradition and innovation of these collections. .


    The return of fur is the prevailing mood of recent years; to reign supreme in this stylistic realm, it is certainly the vintage / sartorial combo that has given a new interpretation to a forgotten garment.

    And this Betta Corradi knows, in its collections, the fur, whether it is real or ecological, is deconstructed, enriched with inlays and fabric inserts, to conquer an ever-young audience.


    An ever-evolving company for 150 years, it has been so ever since John Blundstone began producing fit-for-purpose footwear that would stand up to the cobbled streets of the city, rough terrain, dance floors and factory floors of Hobart.

    Their commitment to quality got them through the Great Depression, both world wars; and a panorama of fashion from the 60s to the 90s, in the fashion of the 2000s festivals.


    Shirts to wear on any occasion, created for those who want to stand out, for those looking for excellence and want to be fashionable.

    Thanks to the great experience of the artisans they are able to maintain absolute quality, with an exclusive attention to lines, details, the careful choice of fabrics, precious and exclusive.


    BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Women's Clothing: fashion brand of luxury "Made in Italy" appreciated throughout the world where the ethical capitalism philosophy is exported, keeping the center of his company its employees who are human beings before being workers with the needs offering ideal working conditions. Brand born from the intuition of Brunello Cucinelli cashmere to revisit in a modern contemporary style, keeping the classical tradition, and became famous for colorful sweaters and cardigans. Discover all heads of Brunello Cucinelli Casual fitting luxurious elegance, quality fabrics and materials such as down jackets, sweaters, shawls, sweaters, cardigans, coats, blouses, pants, t-shirts and polo shirts.


    Bruno Parise Italia represents a new way of conceiving the bag: combining the Venetian manufacturing tradition with an innovative style never seen before. In fact, Bruno Parise Italia uses a pedal loom from the early 18th century, originally used to make wonderful Venetian tapestries: it has been modified in such a way as to weave thin strips of leather with an unmistakable technique, allowing to create a very soft fabric that Bruno Parise Italia models to create innovative and timeless models.
    The Bruno Parise Italia models feature revisited classic shapes, with intelligently constructed volumes, and are worked in an impeccable way in order to bring out the most of the loom-created leather fabric that represents the fundamental characteristic of the brand. The ongoing collection is combined from season to season with a concise selection of new models that enrich and define the style of the brand, consecrating its international success.


    BYREDO was founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham. Ben began to be intrigued by scent and memory after travelling to his mother's hometown in India, where he was stirred by the aromas of spices and incense. Inspired by this trip, BYREDO's scented candles and perfumes have been developed with an understated approach, using simple composition of the highest quality raw materials.


    Camplin Jackets and peacot Man: Men's sports jackets sophisticated but elegant at the same time. Camplin revisited one of the most famous leaders used by the officers of the Royal Navy: the peacot. Men's jackets from the elegant nature and utility lines suitable for any formal and casual occasion in his spare time.


    Founded in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada Goose has grown into one of the world's leading manufacturers of luxury clothing.

    Constantly evolving to withstand low temperatures.

    In 2014 it was recognized by the federal government for employing 6% of the Canadian labor sector.



    The smile, a simple expression of the face from which the Carditosale collection draws inspiration.

    Born from the manufacturing experience of the Landi family, Carditosale combines a new creative mainstream with the purest form of Made in Italy.

    Irreverent and fun bags combine an alternation of rigid and soft shapes that are perfectly harmonized as a whole.


    Care Label Jeans Men Women: Italian brand whose main purpose resides in the same brand name: extreme attention made garments. The brand presents collections in selvedge denim jeans taking in time the shape of the wearer. Jeans with smooth lines, elegant colors and fine workmanship.


    The timeless elegance of the famous English shoe. Church's history composes the meaningful portrait of a brand that fully appreciates the value of tradition but with a keen sense of the present and a particular attention to the future. In 1675 Stone Church was born, great-grandfather of the company's founder, who, being a skilled leather craftsman, handed down the secrets of footwear to generations to come. From the work of the houses of the individual artisans, we came to production in the factory, opening up to foreign markets and expanding the brand's collection. In 1999, with the approval of the family, Church's was purchased by the Prada Group, a model of artisan excellence and an ideal ally to allow the company to raise its brand to the next level: more attentive to quality and faithful to the typically English identity of the brand. .


    In 1971 Massimo Osti, the revolutionary designer internationally recognized as the “godfather of sportswear”, founded Chester Perry brand, renamed into C.P. Company in 1978. 

    The brand immediately found favour thanks to its subtly non-conformist interpretation of functional men’s wardrobe classics.

    For more than 45 years the brand has continued to pioneer it’s signature hybridization of archival military, work and sportswear models, combining them with intensely researched, cutting-edge, Italian fabric innovation.

    This fabric innovation has also been heightened by the use of garment dyeing, a technique C.P. Company was the first in the world to develop in the mid 1970s, in which fully-finished garments made from multiple fabric and fiber are dyed as final step, producing clothing with unique chromatic richness and tone-on-tone subtlety.

    C.P. Company is easy-to-wear, feeling like you’ve always owned from the moment you first try it on, but at the same time distinctively in its details, combining tradition, innovation and performance.


    Dansko Clogs Men Women: Danish brand specialized in producing sandals and clogs suitable for all ages and all seasons, fit perfectly thanks to the support foot and cambratura the sole, giving maximum freedom to the foot and stability thanks to reinforced heels. Ideal to wear all day, maybe even at work.

  • DATE

    D.A.T.E. is the simple acronym for the names of the four young founders of the Project. In 2005 the 4 met in London, where dissatisfied with their working lives decided to throw themselves into an ambitious project: create their own line of sneakers. With various difficulties they prepared the first sample, consisting of a few very original articles.

    They improvised a decidedly artisanal workshop in Emiliano's garage and there they met every night, after their work that for obvious reasons they could not abandon, to give life to the first sneakers. They spent a summer locked in that garage working day and night, but in the end they ended up making it and managed to deliver the first collection of D.A.T.E. made entirely by hand. In January 2006 they managed to exhibit their collection in a small space at Pitti Image Man.

    Thanks to their decidedly artisanal flavor, the first D.A.T.E. captivated the public and in just 3 days they sold more than 8,000 pairs, thus becoming the real novelty of the season.


    It was born in 1770 in Drumfries, Scotland, with high level knitwear collections.

    Subsequently, the brand was purchased by the Ciocca Group, a historic company in the knitwear sector, which transferred production from Scotland to Italy while maintaining the traditional origin of the yarns, preserving Scottish manufacturing combined with great innovation.


    The history of Fabiana Filippi is strongly rooted in the passion and pragmatism of its founders.

    This story of Italian entrepreneurship began in 1985 in the heart of Umbria, conventionally embodying the authentically “Made in Italy”. Here the tradition of craftsmanship and the love of excellence meet a contemporary view of design.

    Today Fabiana Filippi is one of the leading brands in the valuable Italian-made fashion. The brand is distributed in 30 countries throughout the world and is promoted in the main fashion capitals, including Milan, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Moscow. A profoundly human business with a strong professional ethics, arose in a unique place to offer a refined and intimate lifestyle.


    Faliero Sarti is an Italian company founded in 1949 as a wool mill; in the following years it specialized in the production, as well as wool, of other precious fabrics of natural origin. The quality of its products guarantees in a short time access to the world of the most prestigious fashion houses around the world including Armani and Donna Karan. In addition to supplying fabrics, Faliero Sarti produces scarves and foulards sold internationally.


    Since 1997 Fisico has participated in Milan Collezioni fashion shows presenting his models with the most important international models and prominent testimonials.

    Adoption of microfiber, an absolute novelty of the 90s and doubling of the fabric with the elimination of external seams.


    Gallo Socks Man Woman: designed and produced in Italy have always been synonymous with elegance and eccentric personalities. Socks from the original patterns and researched, monochrome and multicolor to create the total look ironic and eclectic but always refined, real own leaders to collect.

  • GUM

    GUM Gianni Chiarini Women's Bags: bags made from innovative materials and following modern and contemporary styles and trends. Lines of handbags, shopping bags, clutch and shoulder bags made entirely of rubber minimal style and essential details and embellished with metal studs. Bags with a unique style with iconic prints and laminates synonymous with research, innovation, design and high quality.


    Harris Wharf London is a brand that reworks the classic and elegant style. Located in London but with Made in Italy production (Turin), it has been contaminated by the British air as regards the sophisticated and dynamic coats and jackets, which vary from calm tones to bolder and bright colors. A feature present in all outerwear are the raw edges to give a more contemporary touch to the traditional garment.

    Harris Wharf London is a family business run by two brothers: Aldo Acchiardi, who controls production and distribution, and Giulia Acchiardi, the designer. Using his grandfather's glove factory in Turin, the entire collection is made in Italy, from the research of the fabrics to the finished garment.


    Herno Jackets Winter Coats Men and Women: jackets, coats, down jackets and giache to deal with the winter season style, and the coldest days and rigid. Herno produces garments with attention to detail, innovative technical materials and fabrics, but with an elegant cut and luxury, jackets and down jackets that are the must-have in your winter wardrobe.

  • HEVO

    On the one hand, having a look at the future. Hevolution. On the other hand, the awareness about the beauty of the past. Hevocation. The Hevo brand, born in Martina Franca, in the heart of Valle d’Itria in Puglia, town with an ancient and strong tailoring vocation, is the result of a long process of synthesis between the tradition and contemporary tastes. In the Hevò collection, there are iconic outerwear models of ’50, ’60 and ’70, designed with contemporary volumes and fabrics. Coats, gilets, trench and parka, casual and easy to wear for any event, with touches of originality. It is outerwear dedicated to the stylish man that loves mixes styles and moods to create a unique and personal look. 


    Venice, 1951: the brand is born, destined to transform trousers into an authentic protagonist of the wardrobe. Incotex is the precursor of smart casual, the result of the unprecedented combination of sartorial imprinting, innovative treatments and cutting-edge manufacturing.

    Its hallmark is the fit, versatile and always impeccable in the skin slim and regular variants thanks to a careful selection of fabrics.

    Our exclusive fabrics are made of noble fibers such as cotton, wool and linen, treated, washed and dyed with techniques in continuous evolution and experimentation.

  • INK

    Born in 1905 in Italy when the shoes were entirely handmade with quality determined by those who produced them, it was in that period that Luigi Bernacchini founded his studio dedicated to men's shoes, immediately distinguishing himself for the refined style and attention to detail .

    Later inherited from his son who combined classic style with a new sportswear line and encouraged them to expand into international markets.

    To date, the third generation has combined the tradition of quality footwear and new designs with the I.N.K.

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